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We continue to see the U.S. Post Office struggle at a time when UPS and Fed Ex continue to profitably grow. Did the U.S. Post Office fail to keep pace with change in its industry? Did it consciously choose its place in its industry?


The training industry is fragmented within corporations. Quite often Sales, IT and Marketing develop and implement their own training independent of each other and the corporate training department. The companies that offer training to their customers will often make this into another fragment as well.


Is this fragmented design intentional and beneficial?


What innovations in development, delivery, measurement and assurance of the success of trainng investments are enhanced by this structure?


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Drucker stated:

"In industry structure, a change requires entrepreneurship from every member of the industry. It requires that each one ask anew: 'What is our business?' And each of the members will have to give a different, but above all a new, answer to that question."

The post office may have thought it was in the business of selling postage and delivering mail. As a consumer of its services I needed someone to help me pay bills on time, send invoices to my clients and notes to friends.

Why didn't the post office invent email or electronic bill pay? Have these innovations created challenges for the Post Office?

What business is the training industry in? How will your "new" answer impact your entrepreneurship?


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