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Can you define syndicate?. This is a difficult one for me. Perhaps because of the connotation of "Crime Syndicate" and the popular use of the term in terms of content distribution.


It is another form of alliance. It appears to be a tight relationship that fosters cooperation and ownership. The musician or author still owns the content and yet their partners own the distributuon. They share in the revenue or rewards.


The analogy made by Drucker is to the 19th century farmer's cooperative.


How would syndication apply to training organizations?


Might companies collaborate to distribute content developed inside one company and allow it to be used by others. Our industry is better known for begging, borrowing and stealing. Would syndication bring benefits.


The theme that seems to be building within my response to Drucker's writings is related to better, faster, cheaper. The creator of the content does a better job of creating it because doing so will reduce external support costs. The user of the content gets better content faster.


Differentiation comes from the ability to apply the content to create unique business value. Syndication would lead to more focus on results and less time and money spent on creating the knowledge that leads to results.

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In the construction industry - "syndicates" are created for every project and then disbanded once the project has been completed. Each player has a specific role - HVAC, Carpets, Utilities etc. - and a project manager. This syndicate makes no claims regarding the success of the inhabitants.  The syndicate gets paid and moves on to the next project. In some cases there may be a facility management contract that helps the occupant by offloading tactical aspects of building ownership.

Technology could change this model but I'll let a construction industry consultant work on that.

For the workplace learning industry - we have "enjoyed" describing our work as being necessary for the success of our clients but are neither responsible nor compensated for their success. Do we wish to change that? Could the content and processes we teach be syndicated in order to assure success for our clients? How would this change our industry?


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