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Drucker advises that we expose our people to the best ideas and train them on how to apply them.


I continue to ponder: Why is a table recognized on the balance sheet as an asset but people are not?


What would it mean in financial terms for people to be considered as resources.


How would we characterize resources?


Insurable? Tangible? Leverageable? Marketable?


Is there something besides tradition that prevents us from tangibly recognizing people as resources in a manner equivalent to the resources of the industrial era?

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is it possible/desirable to have a depth chart/succession plan for every role in the company?
Would standards evolve to improve the quality and benefits of the succession plan?
Would it be desired to have this plan audited by an independent source?
What would it take to insure a succession plan?
Since insurance would require a value to be determined would this then allow an audited/insured succession plan to be considered a balance sheet asset?

What is wrong with this line of thinking?


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