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Over the years I have noticed that when business is good it becomes difficult to introduce break through ideas. Why make changes if things are on the right track? I agree with this to a great extent. If someone is performing well then stay out of their way - just check to make sure that the success has not lead to corruption or poor ethics.


Success can be "intoxicating" and the obsession with sustaining it can lead to poor decisions.


In the training world I fear - we have become accustomed to this. We "promote" our level 1 and level 2 results and bandy about awards that we have won for design and submissions to judging authorities that profit from our submissions. Where are the checks and balances in this system?


Does level 1 matter if level 4 does not exist?


Have we allowed our industry to become corrupted because we can only tolerate "success" and are unwilling to challenge ourselves?


Do we need to be challenged? Who will do it?


Or perhaps we have been challenged - we've lost and are therefore denied "a seat at the table."



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Drucker asserts that "every boom.....puts crooks in at the top."

Their role is to sustain success at all costs - including ethics. Is this true? Why would Drucker assert this?

The NFL feels like this to me - today - I wonder if it will still feel that way to me in a year. How about religious organizations - are they exempt from Drucker's assertions? How about Political Parties? How about Attorneys? How about Educators? Is it possible for an organization that has the power to extend its "success" using crooked means - knowing that it can get away with it - to avoid the temptation to do so?


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