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The action point for this chapter is so relevant to this entire discussion group that I will not attempt to elaborate on it.


"Set up a plan to stay on top of your knowledge area. If your employer cannot provide you with the training and experiences to maintain your employability, consider changing jobs."

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This was written in "The New Society" and published in 1950.

Drucker asserts thast Psychological Insecurity - more than Economic Insecurity - “permeates the entire industrial situation.”

I think that his assertion is correct and I wonder if the responsibility of the employer to help has now shifted dramatically to employee self-responsibility? (and the internet is making this easier!)

Do we still value employee initiative? Is it relevant to professional development? What actions enable it? Are there corporate actions that intentionally or unintentionally hinder it?

I remember when social media was "new" and  a dear friend in the corporate world stated - "Why is it that everyone who has genuine expertise in social media is a sole practitioner?

Couple this with the fact that while large corporations are the targets of every new innovation - they are typically not where those innovations are invented or given the first opportunity to have impact.

Which of these innovations depended upon corporate support in order to be accepted - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, iPhone, the web,,,

Are there others that you would add? What would not be on this list?


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