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The message of the day makes me think of the chain analogy:


The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


The knowledge worker is a link in the chain. The recipient of the knowledge is a link in the chain. The Manager of the recipient is a link, Are there other links? Which link is the most important to the success of the chain?


Does it matter? Drucker's point is that none is more important than the other. The common task is the most important.


And as "Human Learning Machines" part of our work involves strengthening the weak links.


A dose of reality: Sometimes the weak link is removed or by-passed.



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Years ago I learned that a weakness is often a strength applied to excess. This is useful when trying to help someone improve their performance.

Do you remember having a weakness that is now a strength?

What caused the change?

How are you sure to maintain the strength?

Do you recall a strength that is now a weakness What happened


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