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We frequently see benchmarking data that compares how one training organization compares to others but the performance of the recipient of the training is usually omitted from the comparison.


Is this type of benchmarking still relevant?


What types of benchmarking can be proven to be relevant?


1. Within the same company but compared over time? geographies? products? people?

2. For an individual compared over time? products?

3. Between functions internally?


What types of benchmarking have proven to be valuable in your experience?



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I hear (too often) that it is impossible to benchmark because "no one else does what we do." Recently a corporate leader told me that when they hear "no one else does what we do" it causes them to wonder why? It raises doubt in their mind regarding the viability of the "what."

I would rather hear - we do what everyone wants to do and our perspective (i.e. point of view) is that our way is better and we can help you benchmark your results to assure that what you do is better for your results.


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