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2017 Health Care Affordability for the Under-65 Crowd

The numbers were confusing to me (perhaps there were some typos) but the picture is not pretty. Most low income people cannot not afford to pay for healthcare and they are not able to save for the long term either.

So now - let's shift to higher education and address the affordability issue. What if we extended the time to get a college degree from four years to six years and had it include equal amounts of work experience and education?

This would allow the student to earn money, gain experience and contribute to social security earlier. Might it also open up education to those who could not afford it? Perhaps there could be an 8 year plan or a 10 year plan?

And with technology creating so many time savings in other areas - why has not technology allowed us to reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a degree? What if one could go to school for two years and then earn the remaining credits over the next 4 to ten years (including getting education credit for work accomplishments?)

With healthcare we are focused on managing costs of insurance - we need to be focused on getting healthier!

With education we are focused on managing debt payment - we need to be focused on getting people to work sooner!


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