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Since we released iPAR Mindreader in November 2009, we have received a number of positive reviews from the iPhone/iPod community and I have shared these with
you. We have also begun to get testimonials from individuals who bought the
app, used it and have seen dramatic improvement in their relationships at work,
at home and in their communities.

We think these are all coming from the early adapters in the marketplace who will take a risk to be first with a new computer, a new smart phone or a new app.
However we also have recognized that the mainstream market needs more before
buying into something new even with a cost as low as $2.99.

So based on that feedback we have created a short (< 6 minute) Video demonstration of Mindreader with all its features explained so that you can determine if this app will assist you. I
hope you enjoy it and as always your feedback is strongly encouraged.

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Comment by Terena Campagna on March 26, 2010 at 7:19pm
Interesting...working for a virtual company, I'm a heavy app user. It would help to get clarification on whether this is intended as a practice decision-making exercise or actually be used in the moment.

From a perf dev standpoint, a huge challenge is extending a performer's real-time space between stimulus and response. Could the next gen version of this include a buzz (or electric shock mechanism) to interrupt compulsive bad judgment? I'm thinking along the lines of mobile gesture intelligence, like the iphone "bump" or "shake" features.


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