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Would you be better at connecting, influencing or inspiring other people if you could read their minds? Well now there’s an app for that!

Introducing iPAR MindReader.

Whether the setting is business, family or just everyday life, you are often seeking another person’s buy-in, support and/or cooperation. Often they don’t see things the same way and you encounter resistance. Most people will fight for, defend or push their own point of view. However the most successful business people have found a more effective approach.

Supported by Nobel Prize winning research, iPAR Mindreader will give you tips and suggestions for a strategy to connect with any attitude and make every conversation productive. Whether the setting is inside a business, with your family, friends or a customer iPAR Mindreader will improve your ability to connect with others and influence their eventual decisions. Use it in a meeting, on the phone or face-to-face, the results will be the same.

Your ability to read other points of view, to connect, to influence and gain followers will set you apart regardless of the setting. In business these abilities set the most successful people apart from their competitors. In a social setting these skills are the hallmark of someone who is admired and respected.

Initially MindReader will help you identify Positive, Negative or Neutral points of view. Then it will present you with clues to determine the other person’s degree of positive or negative. Select the appropriate clue and MindReader will provide insight into how the other person sees things at that moment in time with verbal and non-verbal samples to confirm your observation.

Then the big payoff comes when MindReader suggests ways to connect with even the most difficult/negative person and provides samples of appropriate responses.

MindReader also provides access to the first video segment of our award-winning training program used by over 500 companies in 25+ countries across the globe. You’ll see how people look at things differently and get an in-depth look at the Nobel Prize supported research into business decision-making.

If you already own an iPhone and want to add this app or just want to review it, go to Apple’s iTunes store and search under IPAR MindReader At a special introductory price of $2.99 you will get a full return on investment in your initial use.

We are pleased to be part of the effort to expand the business app category for the iPhone and I look forward to your feedback on this exciting app as well as your success stories in using it to grow your business, your relationship and yourself.

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