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Digital Minds - the book - was given to me as a gift by Mike Lewis. I am studying it with an expectation to learn about the digital impact to marketing so that I can apply it to my understanding, actions and impact with the digital impact to learning (i.e. performance) in the workplace.

Please join me by sharing your thoughts, questions and advice.

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Putting it All Together & About the Authors

Thank you - I did learn a lot - I do not feel overwhelmed - I do feel prepared to have an intelligent discussion with a consultant - and either able to understand their advice - or know which chapter to read to get smarter.Here are some questions to…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 26, 2016.

Chapter 12 - Don't Forget About Measurement - by Miko Kershberg

How interesting it would have been - if this were chapter one? (or no later than 2 or 3?)This chapter also helped me find the disruption because it clearly described the gap between "Advertising is the art of getting people to buy things they don't…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 26, 2016.

Chapter 11 - Mobile Marketing: On the Move - By Eric Cook

I have no argument with the move to mobile - it is here to stay and will be increasingly dramatically - and thanks to multitasking we have the ability to reach the consumer so many ways.One of my favorite mobile devices is the Fitbit. It has…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 26, 2016.

Chapter 10 - Responsive Web Design: The Future - By Doug Schust

Ironically - we need Responsive Web Design - because our web designers were not able to predict the future (who can for that matter?)And yet - we want our web designers to understand technology and where the future might be taking us in terms of…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 26, 2016.

Chapter 9 - Email Marketing: A Constant Drip - by Cheryl Baldwin

This chapter describes what you need to know in order to get the most out of your investment in Email Marketing. As I continue to read for disruption the following came to mind from the perspective of the consumer:1. This all began with door-to-door…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 26, 2016.

Chapter 8 - Video Marketing: Don't Blink or You'll Miss It - by Baltej Gill

I love video - I would rather watch a sporting event on TV than listen to it on radio, read about it or watch an online animation/simulation.As a consumer - problem with video - however - is that I have to give up control - I only get to watch what…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 23, 2016.

Chapter 7 - Social Media Shakedown - By Rob Thomas and Tracy Spence

What I liked the most about this chapter (and I liked lot) was how it quickly boiled it down to the four main platforms. While there are many thousands of social media platforms it is not useful for the novice to try to be an expert with all of…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 23, 2016.

Chapter 6 - Search Engine Optimization: It's Not Dead - by Andre Savoie

This chapter is the best one (for me) so far - probably because I believe it relates to every business including B2B and even small consultancies like mine. It also provided insight into another area of my focus (not disruptive but perhaps…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 23, 2016.

Chapter 5 - Display Advertising: What You're Missing - By Darryl Chenoweth

Terrific chapter - especially for someone who wants to be in the Display Advertising business. It could also be titled (with apologies to Reader's Digest) - 10 Things Your Display Advertiser does not want your customers to know about!As I continue…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 21, 2016.

Chapter 4 - Landing Page Optimization: It's About Psychology not Technology - By Chuck Bankoff

OK - by now I've figured it out - all the chapters are well written. This one helps you understand everything you need to know about landing pages - and there is a lot to know!It also gave me two insights into the disruption I am "reading" for:Both…Continue

Started by Paul Terlemezian Jan 20, 2016.

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